Friday, December 3, 2010

Some sort of Advent Calendar! Day 1.

I am, once again, stealing a concept from the inspiration of this entire blog, Vinyl Richard, a blog in Swedish by a friend of mine. He's having an advent calendar where each day he lists one of his favourite albums of the year. My calendar will be slightly different. 2010 hasn't been an album year for me, sure there's been some superb albums that will get their due praise, but it's been a year when I've listened to more tracks and singles than anything else.

I shall start with one of my absolute favourite tracks of this year. From an artist who've yet to officially release anything, but I suspect she might have signed to Universal.

Lana Del Rey - Diet Mtn Dew

I love how she combines a dark noir atmosphere with a slight urban twist in the percussion. Her voice, strong and firm, yet thin as it slides over the music. The casual Lolita reference in the lyrics. Dark cinematic and the kind of tune I can play again and again without losing interest. Like someone took The Big Sleep and put it in a 2010 suit.

Outside of the random leaked track on youtube and a completely out-of-nowhere appearance on Mando Diao's unplugged album (hence my signed to Universal suspicions) I've yet to hear anything about when Lana will drop an actual album. I hope it will be soon, have after all been waiting since May.

I also made a woefully spotty Spotify list, which can be found here. As the list lacks all and any k-pop (among others) it's not really representative, but it'll do as a good complement to the songs I bring up on this blog.

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